Expos & Trade Shows

Why go to off road events? There are a multitude to pick from, from expos to Jeep Jamboree to the King of the Hammers race. They are all a great chance to see new products firsthand, it lets you compare the latest and greatest in the industry. You can put your hands on products that are not normally in shops to see the quality and durability. Plus, these shows are a good time and you can meet some new people or see your favorite people in the industry. I have been going to events for years, sometimes as an exhibitor and other times as a spectator. Regardless, it is a good time to see new products and meet new friends.

At expos everyone is bringing out their best, the best products and the best displays. There is always something new and always something that has improved leaps and bounds, no matter where you go. That is why the TO Extreme teams like expos so much. It is great to meet with our customers and learn what they need and show them our trailers. Then we become more than a picture on the website and our customers are more than an email or a phone call. Expos are an easy way to compare products as well and why you should check one out that is close to you! You could always make a vacation or road trip out of an expo!

Events are also fun and interesting. Then it is more than just shopping for new products. King of the Hammers, I personally think, is the most fun. It is the best of both worlds. Everyone has booths and you get to see the race, along with meeting drivers and some fun and knowledgeable people.