Winter camping tips

For so many out there, fall ushers in all that they love. Pumpkin and spice; crisp cool mornings and let's be honest, the kids are back in school where they belong! But for those outdoor enthusiasts who just want to be camping, the coming of winter is a sad time…unless you have the know how to stay in the great outdoors all year around. Here are some tips to keep you on the trails even in the snow. Some may be pretty self-explanatory, but I'm throwing in some links to products we know about and some we even sell that will make things easier.

A fire is a must:

Most of us don't camp in the summer without one, let alone the winter! It's important for cooking, cleaning and socializing at your site. So, what can make this necessity a little easier? A Gerber Blades Bear Grylls Series Fire Starter. We've got one for on our website for just $10.99. Or how about an Adventure Medical SOL Series Fire Lite Kit for only $10. Either is fantastic for helping in the worst of condition.

Wear the right clothing:

With that being said, make sure the clothing you are wearing is appropriate for not only the elements, but the proximity of the fire. Don't wear clothing that isn't going to keep you nice and toasty, but also be careful about wearing things that may melt. Years ago synthetic clothing materials came under fire, when the US military banned their use due to their propensity of melting to the skin. While a campfire isn't likely to cause this problem, wearing the appropriate clothing can ensure that you are comfy, cozy and not at risk. However, as any outdoorsman knows, anything can happen, so make sure you are prepared. We carry a variety of first aid kits and emergency preparedness items that will ensure you are ready for anything.

Rooftop tents keep you off the ground…obviously:

We carry a variety or them and even have some on sale. Now if a rooftop tent isn't in your budget or just isn't your cup of tea, make sure to stamp down any snow before you place your tent on the ground. Packed snow insulates better than fluffy snow and it also ensures you won't poke a hole in your tent. Also warm your sleeping bag with a hot water bottle before bed. Another handy tip is to sleep with your boots. Not on exactly but place them in a waterproof bag and have them and any other garments for the next day at the bottom of your sleeping bag. They will be toasty for the morning.

The lithium life:

Use lithium batteries in all your electronics. Studies have shown lithium performs better in cold environments than NiMh or alkaline batteries. These are good for lanterns, headlamps and flashlights. They won't leak or cause erosion that will ruin your devices.

Grease up:

Make sure to protect the parts of your body you can't cover. Any exposed skin is at risk for chapping and chafing. Cover your face, ears, neck wrists and hands with a thick oil like Vaseline. This will keep your skin healthy and crack-free.