Your customers’ needs are all different, but they have one thing in common: a sense of adventure. That’s why they need a flexible, all-terrain trailer that’s ready for anything.

Becoming a dealer of TO Extreme Off Road Rugged N’ Ready trailers will put you at the forefront of the rapidly-growing overlanding and off-road market.

As a TO Extreme dealer, you’ll be teaming up with Twin Oaks Industries, a dependable, family-owned fabrication company located in Salina, KS, that has been in business for over 40 years. Our business is built on quality, loyalty, experience and first-class customer service.

TO Extreme dealers have generous margins on the basic items that we offer (trailers, roof-top tents, overhead racks and lid options). Our affordable, high-quality, durable trailers provide the owner with storage space, opportunity for a base camp, and the capability to conquer conditions and terrain that few others can.

The end users of our trailers all have very different needs. The simplicity of our base trailer creates opportunities for our dealers to sell additional options specific to their customer’s needs — electrical, water systems, kitchens and refrigerators (just to name a few).  Our dealers decide what options they can make available to their customers.

We have a list to connect potential customers with our dealers. We are happy to speak to your customers and answer any questions they may have about our trailers and describe the many benefits of our units over others on the market. If the customer does follow through with a purchase and we have an active dealer in their state, we will turn that sale over to the dealer.


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